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About Us – Caroline’s Cottage Gifts

Caroline’s Cottage began as a home-based gift basket business in 2014.  It was expanded a year later and has quickly become a sought-after spot in its neighborhood retail space.  Gift baskets are now only a portion of our overall business.  We have well-known, popular gifts as well as unique, hard-to-find items.  We’ll be glad to discuss a special order, and gift-wrapping is available, too.  At Caroline’s Cottage, our customers find not only a worthwhile shopping experience in a charming space, but also a positive vibe and friendly, helpful people.  Even if you don’t have a special occasion coming up, we’d love to have you stop in and browse!

Carolines Cottage Gift Shop

Caroline’s Cottage Gift Shop

About Our Gift Baskets

People love to give and receive gift baskets, but many of the choices on the market are mundane.  Much of the time, gift basket contents are predetermined, and choices are limited or just not available.  Baskets often include items added simply to fill space or to meet a certain price point, and those items are frequently not used or enjoyed.  Our goal is to create gift baskets that are customized to meet the needs of both the giver and the recipient.  We offer our customers options that are just right for whomever they have in mind.  If you’re looking to create something special, whether for clients or employees, or friends or loved ones, we’ll be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Gift baskets can be created with many types of gifts, but are often made with consumable items such as baking mixes, coffees, chocolates, or bath and body care products.  At Caroline’s Cottage, we sell a selection of food items for our baskets, and we do not carry products made with hydrogenated fats, high fructose corn syrup, or MSG.  We only stock what we believe are exceptional bath and body product lines.  We consider both your well-being and ours when we select brands for our shop.  We use the products ourselves, and if we wouldn’t give them to our own families and friends, then we wouldn’t expect you to give them to yours.

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